You Can Find Las Vegas Dual Diagnosis Help

Las Vegas Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

What is a Las Vegas dual diagnosis problem and what does it have to do with Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world in Nevada? Dual diagnosis refers to a threatening condition in which a person suffers from a mental disorder as well as a drug problem. Very often, social or mental disorders drive people to a drug habit. Therefore, Las Vegas dual diagnosis and rehab centers focus not only on helping the patient conquer a drug addiction, but also on working through the disorder.

What are some of the most common personality disorders that accompany drug habits (or vice versa?) These might include chronic depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and others. In some cases, the condition might develop first, prompting the individual to seek solace in drugs (including alcohol, which is a drug). In other cases, a long-term drug problem can actually cause mental disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety and depression.

This creates a complicated situation for a Las Vegas dual diagnosis counselor or therapist. Las Vegas, of course, is Nevada’s Sin City, and a city characterized by parties, liquor and an anything goes atmosphere. Such an atmosphere can be alluring to a person who is seeking escape from stressful thoughts or situations. The counselor’s goal is not only to treat the personality disorder, but also to help the person conquer his/her drug habit.

A period of detoxification is usually necessary for complete drug recovery. This process rids the addict’s body of the damaging substance and rejuvenates the senses. Withdrawal symptoms may be painful or intense but medical supervision can handle any problems. The next phase in Las Vegas dual diagnosis treatment is offering therapeutic approaches to both disorders through intensive counseling. In this process, a person can be helped to quit relying on drugs for pleasure or stress relief, while also learning how to cope with the disorder.

A doctor may supervise such a therapy session, particularly if there is a personality disorder involved. A physician has the right to prescribe certain medications, if they are necessary, to help a person overcome a crippling disorder or dysfunction. However, caution is required so that the patient does not become addicted to prescription medications. Some medications are very addictive, while others are not. This is why it’s imperative that a medical professional oversee this process.

If you are suffering from drug addiction and other symptoms indicative of a personality disorder, then it’s time to get help in Las Vegas. Dual diagnosis treatment can help you get back control of your life!